About Me

And so the adventure begins…

Dear Biotic components,
                                                  In case I have confused you by my addressal, allow me to explain. All of us are aware about the term biotic and abiotic component since grade 5 maybe? Just in case, you are super confused and have no clue about this, let me answer your curiosity. Living component, structured  by cell membrane i.e. you! yes you reading this until and unless you are a zombie, is a legit (Well, kind of) definition of the term biotic component. Get acquainted to the term as this is how I will address you, my fellow members of biota. Coming back to the whole point, welcome to a quirky 16 year old’s blog. This blog here is a reflection of my expression. For the nosy readers, hi! My name is Niusha Karki, a self proclaimed Quaintrelle [A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures]

Do you remember who you were? Before the world told you who you should be? If you brainstorm ity bity more, then you will  find the question sheer powerful. Life today has become so insanely complicated that people are laboured to become someone they are not. And this, my friend is not a path I am willing to choose. I choose the path of liberty, a path where I can fancy the magic of travelling to places I hope to fall in love with, capture every possible moment as I gaze with my eyes wide opened. I welcome you to celebrate the beauty of existence, our souls, leaving the insecurities behind, feeding our body, mind and soul with nature’s cosset and stray on the artsy part of this beautiful planet, where I can paint my dreams into a beautiful chaos conveying my dreams into a masterpiece of its own kind. Hence forth, this my fellow biota, is all that I vision to portray in my upcoming blogs.
Till then,
                  With Love,


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